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Protes Bela Palestina di AS: Biden, Dugaan Genosida Dilakukan!

WASHINGTON – Tens of thousands of people gathered in the capital of the United States (US) to demand a ceasefire in Gaza. Demonstrators in Washington, DC, USA on Saturday (4/11/2023) directed their anger at US President Joe Biden for supporting the ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people. “Biden, Biden, you can’t hide; we accuse you of genocide,” the protesters shouted.

Experts at the United Nations have warned of an increasing risk of genocide in Gaza amid continuous Israeli bombings of the region. The UN Genocide Convention defines genocide as acts committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group, including murder and actions to prevent birth.

The Biden administration has urged Israel to minimize civilian casualties. However, Biden has also taken no action for a ceasefire. Biden has requested over $14 billion from Congress to help fund Israel’s war in Gaza. The Gaza Health Ministry said at least 9,488 Palestinians have died as a result of Israeli attacks.

Many protesters on Saturday called for an end to US aid to Israel. The demonstration stretched several blocks from Freedom Plaza near the White House, eastward toward the Capitol building.

A Palestinian descendant protester, Nidaa, said her family in Gaza constantly experiences bombings. They cannot hide because there is no safe place throughout the Gaza region.

“Stop the war. Stop the bombings. Stop the genocide in Gaza, that is the number one message we convey today, and I hope the government will listen to us. I hope our people in Gaza, in Palestine in general, know that we are here. Hopefully, they will hear our voices at least to comfort them that they are not alone,” said Nidaa.

Huda Alkuraey, an advocate of Yemeni-American descent, traveled to Washington, DC from South Florida to join the protests. She voiced her anger at the US and international reaction to the genocide in Gaza.

“Palestinians have not obtained freedom for over 70 years. And now is the time for us to voice our opinions and start telling the world that this is not right,” said Alkuraey, as quoted by Aljazeera on Sunday (11/5/2023).

American-Jewish activist David Horowitz emphasized the need for a ceasefire. He called the massacre in Gaza a atrocity. He also criticized the Biden administration’s call for a humanitarian pause as inadequate.

As a survivor of the Nakba event, Siham Alfred expressed her fear of the potential displacement of Palestinians from Gaza. Alfred was forced out of her home as a child during the Nakba event in 1948, which eventually led to the establishment of the State of Israel.

“It’s a shame, they are racists. They don’t believe that Palestinians are equal to Israelis. I will never vote for Biden. He is a coward and a criminal,” Alfred said.

Source: Republika